The United States: different means for one plan

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The United states of American have been practicing a geostrategic, mlti-dimensioned plan within Iran, Caucasus states and the Arabic East. This American plan aims to reinforce the economic and political dominance. The practicing means of this plan vary between occupation and embargo or punching the state administration and working through the NQOS funded by the Americans their selves, and the NATO states.
The current situation in Azerbaijan reveals some of these means.
The most important objects of Washington in Azerbaijan remain the establishment of strategic control over the Caspian Sea and ways of energy resources` transportation from the Central Asia and crating a jumping- off ground for the projection of power on Iran. With Azerbaijan’s entering into preparatory period for the presidential elections scheduled for next October the USA are brizking up the work on Azerbaijan. The Americans would in general prefer to have as president of Azerbaijan a politician more sub diary to them and more complaisant to replace Ilham Aliyev.
The USA attach great importance to the creation of close links in the government circles of Azerbaijan. High-ranking American diplomats take part directly in this work and even members of theirs families do E.g., the Ambassador of the US in Baku A.Derse maintains close contacts with the Azerbaijani Culture and Tourism minister A.Garaev. Undersecretary of state M.Bryza has friendly relations with the economic development minister H.Babayev, and his spouse Z.Baran helps him much in it, (she is a renowned expert in political sciences in Washington, of Turkish nationality)> Undersecretary of state D.friend meets regularly on unformal basis with Azerbaijani foreign minister E.Mammadyarov both in Baku and abroad. It’s worth noting that all mentioned ministers are all members of the president I.Aliyev’s “closest circle”. This circumstance is used in full scale by Washington for promoting its interests using amount other methods the well-rooted on Azerbaijani ground “economic stimulation” of the local ministers-oligarchs.
The West also uses chiefs of the following NGOs: Arzu Abdullayeva (“Helsinki Citizens Assembly of Azerbaijan”), Erkin Gadisii (“Caucasus- Caspian Commission), Emin Huseynov (“Institute for Freedom and Security of reporters”), Anar Asaf Mammadii (“Election Monitoring Center”). Farda Asadov (“Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation- Azerbaijan”), Eldar Ismayilov(“for the Sake of Civil Society”). Special attention is paid to Caucasus Center of Strategic studies (Araz Aslanii, Nazim Jafarov, Rizvan Gambarov) , which according to the Americans’ plan, is supposed to exert influence on the shaping of the internal policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The employees of the Center have to policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The employees of the Center have to establish close practical links with local functionaries and state institutions and to influence on them in the way the USA need it.
The USA attach great importance to collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Azerbaijan in training of national diplomatic personnel. Undersecretary D.Freid using his good personal relations with E.Mammadyarov established during the latter’s work in Washington greatly contributed to promoting in 2007 close cooperation between the Diplomatic Academy of Baku and the US Department of State. According to the agreement between them perspective employees of the MFA of Azerbaijan are regularly sent to training courses to corresponding American educational institutions. Leading experts in external policy supervise their stays and, of course, they are closely watched by the American special services.
In the beginning of 2008 the Department of State began sending to Baku the professors for giving lectures and practical trainings in the Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy. In this April according to the personal direction of E.Mammadyarov a renowned American expert in political sciences P.Goble was invited to work permanently at the academy ad Research Director. Besides, he will also lecture at some other universities of Baku. When organizing penetration into the educational area the Department of State proceeds from the assumption that training of national personnel along with education of nationals in American universities will allow Washington to form in a close prospect in the Azerbaijani establishment an influent pro-Western streak which will remarkably influence the state’s internal and external policy.
The realization of Washington’s plans of creating a strategic citadel in the Southern Caucasus will affect not only this region but also the near and the Middle East. A report of the Department of State to the Us Congress states that strengthening relations between USA and Turkey and the states of Central Asia. It will also help the west to be less dependent on delivery of energy resources on the Middle East. The USA will get a new possibility to influence more actively on the conflicts in Nagorny Karabakh, Abkhazia and other “highly explosive” regions. The character of the US “peacemaking” efforts can be seen well on the examples of Iraq, Afghanistan and some others conflict areas of the world.